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About Me


Growing up, I was a spaced out, shy kid with two passions in life; drawing and magic. I sucked at football and wore pants that were too short because I was too tall. As I grew older and neither magic nor drawing was cool anymore, I spent many years trying to fit in, denying the parts of me that were “different” from the norm.

My journey back towards loving myself as I am has been fun, tough, exciting and bumpy. Today, I’m celebrating differences by simply being me. I have realised that after all, I’m not so different from the drawing-magic-loving girl I once was. Through my creative work, I allow myself to space out and to get fascinated about the great mystery we call life.

Amalia Wahlström + inspiration?

It took me almost two years to dare to change the name of my creative channel from Oh Yeah by Amalia to Inspired by Amalia. The new name came to me when a wise friend of mine said “the name should reflect what you want to do or manifest”.
“I want to inspire and get inspired”, I said.


One of the things I love to do the most is when I get to sow seeds of transformation in myself and others, and then watch them grow. But how could anyone claim such a thing as being inspiring? When I see businesses or people in general talk about being inspiring rather than just actually being inspiring, I either loose interest or want to laugh. This has kept me doubting for two years. So who am I to inspire then?


But lately, I’ve had a realisation. Inspiration is not something that I can ever claim. Rather it’s inspiration that sometimes claims me. I see it almost as inspiration lives it’s own life, and as Elisabeth Gilbert would say, sometimes it chooses me as a channel to become reality. So Inspired by Amalia is an extension of that. A space where inspiration can go once it’s been channeled through me.


Right now, Inspiration wants the channel to be an exploration of the modern reconnection with spirituality, rites, tribal life and shamanism – through the lens of an atheist spiritual artist. We’ll see what that might turn into – it could be anything from really cool drawings to articles or videos. Stay tuned as me and Inspiration go out on our exploration ✨

Born spaced out…

Still spaced out (this is me buying food in the supermarket on a regular Tuesday)