About being different

About being different

I was on a stroll downtown on my way to my favourite shop when four girls walked past me. They couldn’t have been more than 14 years old, maybe younger, but they were all dressed in carefully picked outfits, only the latest fashion. They all had long hair, you know that type of hair that you can only get by using expensive hair products and brushing it with a certain type of brush that doesn’t do harm to your hair. You get it…

But that wasn’t really what caught my attention. Three of them were walking with their arms locked together, looking like they were whispering secrets to each other, like I do sometimes too with my very best friends. But the fourth girl was walking behind them, by herself. I could tell that she was one of them, as she was walking very close behind them, almost looking afraid that they would run away from her and make her feel, if possible, even more lonely. 

Why? Why was this girl obviously left behind? I was thrown ten years back in time. Thrown back to the pain, the denial, the lump in my throat, the crying alone at the toilet on the breaks. The worst years I’ve ever experienced in my entire life, only because we were all so insecure back then. So scared of being left alone, so scared of not fitting in. Scared of being different. I did everything I could to hide my differences. I dyed my hair a different colour, stopped drawing, never straightened my back so I could seem shorter and tried to dress like the other girls did. But none of those things worked, nothing at all seemed to work. 

Until the day I had enough. The day I stood up for myself, decided that I AM good enough and I AM different, but difference is beautiful. Ever since that day I’ve been proud. Proud of who I am and proud of the choices I’ve made in life. 

I wanted to scream to those three girls, couldn’t they see what they were doing?? Couldn’t they see the pain they caused?!? But as I was actually considering confronting the girls, something happened. The one in the middle let go of the two other girls, turned around and grabbed the arm of the girl that was left behind. As she shone up and started smiling, so did I. 

Difference is beautiful, in every way. So be proud of everything that makes you different! Don’t be scared of standing out! Everyone who ever accomplished something greater in life did it because they didn’t fear being different. When it comes down to it, difference is what makes the world move forward. 

Damn, I wish someone told me that ten years ago!

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