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Thoughts / 23.10.2018

So here is something that is slightly outside of my comfort zone to talk about. I want to share something with you that that lies very close to my heart and has had a huge impact in my life. Spirituality. It’s easy to say that religion separates us. But historically, and still for many, religion is also a reason for humans to gather. It makes large groups of people share common beliefs about the world. Through celebrations and rites, religion provides opportunities for us to mark important transitions...

Thoughts / 20.10.2017

I believe that the learnings we gather in life constantly change and evolve. They are not universal or permanent. I imagine these being what you would see through the window of a train on the rail called "Amalia's World". We have just stopped at Station Twenty Five. Outside the window, lots of things have whizzed past. Building relationships, setting boundaries, traveling the world, studying, entering working life, exploring tantra and other worlds, bungy jumping, facing challenges, growing stronger and meanwhile trying to understand the craziness we call Life… So...

Thoughts / 16.09.2017

Dear Self Doubt. We’ve been spending nearly 25 years side by side and together we’ve been through a lot. I’m grateful for all the times that you’ve been there for me and never left my side, but lately I’ve been feeling like it’s not working out between us anymore. I don’t understand why you keep complaining when I’m telling you to shut up. All you ever talk about is how useless I am and how I’ll never succeed with anything in life. I used to believe you, but I’ve...